Zwift power results are wrong/messed up

I finished the 9/16/23 Saturday 11:05 Stage 2: ZRS - PretzelFest it is a 45:00min Ride/Race and at the end of the 45:00min I was in 3rd but the results put me at 13th. All the results are wrong I contacted support over this issue. They said that late starts are excepted for this event. I don’t see how that would change the results of the race. How is Zwift Power placing the riders? it’s not by distance and it’s not by time because it says we all have the same time 45:00min. I know that it’s not a real race but if you are like me and commit to an event at a specific time you are going to give it your all. If Zwift Power is gone to make a placement list then it should be right! Or don’t put a placement number next to my name!!!

Timed group ride events don’t have meaningful results. If you want results, do races. I’m afraid you can’t expect results from group rides unless they are distance based and don’t allow late join, which excludes most of them.


I was typing a reply, but Paul beat me to it. A group ride where everyone finishes at exactly the same time. Placings mean nothing.