Finished my race in 1st place but the result shows that I earned the bronze medal

Hi All,
This will probably be a basic question for the more experienced ones, so I appeal to your patience.
On the 15th of July I did a 60-minute " Group Ride: NO LIMIT GROUP RIDE (E) On Chasing The Sun In Makuri Islands" with 10 participants. I finished in 1st place in group E with a good lead on second place. However, on Zwift Power it shows my ranking as having finished 3rd, as follows:
1st place: 1.0 W/kg
2nd place: 1.5 W/kg
My position: 2.0W/kg
Looking at the Zwift companion, it presents me in 3rd place in the event but after going into the details of the event, it presents me as 1st place, as follows:
My position: 2.0W/kg
2nd place: 1.5 W/kg
3rd place: 1.0 W/kg
Can someone explain to me how these calculations are made? I don’t care about the position, I just want to understand what happened.
Thank you all very much and what matters is that we do a lot of “drops”.

If it was a group ride, the results are random, as the finishing position doesn’t matter. You can’t win a group ride, only races.


Thank you so much Mike for your answer. As expected, a basic question.

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The rides that have random results are time-based rides (like the 60 minute ride you did). Group rides that are distance based (expressed in miles/km or laps) should have accurate finishing order in the results. Most group rides are time-based, but not all.

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Many thanks Paul.