Position in Zwift Events

Hi - newbie question. I participated in a 90 minute DIRT session this morning - a group ride NOT a race! Advertised as a “C” category. I was towards the front for the full 90 minutes - finishing in 12th position out of 120-ish riders in a nice group of about 8 riders. I had been in this group for over an hour, so never slipped below about 20th place at any point.

But when the “results” were flashed up on crossing the line, I was 45th. Our little group from about 10-20th was about a full minute ahead of the next group. This 45th place is replicated in Zwift Power. It is no big deal in the long run, but I just don’t understand why I am relegated 30 places immediately? Any ideas?

I believe Group Ride places are random.


Hi @Paul_Coyle_Cappo

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@Paul_Allen is 100% correct. In a timed group ride the results is all random. Also note that the aim of a group ride is to stay with the group leader. Going of the front disrupt the group dynamics.