Confused in 14:30 Canyon Ranch Group Ride placement

This is my first post and I’m (sort of ) a newbie to ZP. Can anyone explain why I was ranked 69 on Zwift Power when my in game place was 55 (+ I was considerably ahead of the race leader Mari Holden, who was ranked at 38 on ZP)? At the end it highlighted a different name to mine on the pop up menu. Is this a bug or is there something I don’t understand? (It’s not the first time this has happened)

It was a group ride, not a race, so the results are effectively random.

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Hi there. It was a time-based event (one hour), so the finishing order doesn’t mean anything. On ZwiftPower the ‘results’ always come out randomly on this type of event.

What @Steve_Hammatt said. Random for time based rides.

The aim of a group ride is to ride with the leader. :slight_smile:

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LOL not THAT far ahead!

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Many thanks for clearing that up!