Must be invisible riders!

In the last several group rides, i paid attention to my placing at the very end, only to be disappointed when the actual results were provided at the conclusion of the ride. Today I did the 5:30pm (ET) DIRT ride and I was 21st out of around 122 or so riders. There was absolutely no one behind or next to me. When the results were provided I was 28th. Where did these 7 additional riders come from and pass me??? Any thoughts?

That was a social ride not a race. The results include riders that join late also it was time based not distance.

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I understand that it was a social ride and that there were possibly late starters, However, it was about a 2 second delay between being 21st to the posted Zwift results, there were NO RIDERS behind me within 2 seconds. I would understand if the results were posted like 5 minutes later, then late starters could be faster than me.

Because it was a timed event, so there was no finish line, so the results are all random.

It was a timed event (1 hour), I disagree that the results are random, the ranking appears to be based on the distance traveled . Since we all started together, I lost a spot when a rider passed me and gained a spot when I passed a rider. So the ranking appears to be based on who went the furthest in 1 hour of riding time.

Yes that happen during the ride, but the moment the results pop up it is all random. Why are you concerned about position on a sosial group ride. The whole point of a group ride is to ride in a group with the leader?