Greater distance on less time, still lower ranked than others

Firstly, let me be clear this is not a complaint about anything.
I just would like to understand how the system works because the example I’m about to give seems illogical.
After a 50 minutes group ride the activity feed shows me covering 32.8 Km in 55m18s and 192w, ranking me 263.
Someone else, same ride, covers 30.1 Km in 1h 0m and 98w, ranking 184.

What am I missing?

A group ride has no ranking a race has a ranking.

I know, that’s what made the whole deal doubly odd.

I’m trying to upload the screenshot but it tells me I can’t embed media items in a post?!?!?!
how else can I share image?

Rankings are meaningless in group rides. Just ignore them.

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what event was that @Giorgio_Piatti_Juve. It look like the last ride you did was May 24 2020

It was yesterday, DIRT Family Values Ride.

If it was a timed event, Zwift ranks on time, not distance, so everyone who completes the designated time gets a basically random ranking.

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Hi Daniel,
Now, that makes sense!

I got a random silver medal last week! I’m quite proud of it.