Ride rank

Hi . I took part in a HERD thundering turtle social ride today. The ride was for 90mins when the 90 mins was up - the screen was showing I was around 56th place . After the ride ended my zwift companion app shows me at 427th place and zwift power results have me at 179th place. Please could you explain my different rank positions. Other riders who were with me when the ride ended are nowhere near me in any of the rankings? Thanks


They are meaningless. Rankings for group ride are random since it is not a race and is based off time. Everyone finished with the same time so the system just randomly puts people into a ranking.

Only events where placing is accurate are races.

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Oh I see.
Thank you

Hello, what does a ranking make any sense a social rides?? Why are riders not just listed with their power data a.s.o.?? I personally was listed various times way behind the sweeper and in the event have been about more than 1 minute ahead of him!!!??? Skip those rankings - just my recommendation…Ride on, Alan

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