Incorrect event ranking

I have entered and completed recent Zwift ride events where the final ranking in Companion has no correlation with actual finish position. For example finished first in ride today and position rank was 51 out of 76. Similar has happened in other events recently ? Surely this must be an error or bug ?

Was it a group ride rather than a race? In group rides there are no ‘positions’ per se.

It was a group ride - though one of the rides that included position rank throughout - so would expect to see same rank as shown at end of race

I believe it depends on the ride format - as you can see for this ride, it was set to 1 hour as opposed to a particular course or distance, so everybody has the same finish time (1 hour).

Thank you for feeding back and clarifying which is appreciated. I guess it takes away some of the motivation for the sprint finish - and using position ranking during the event is probably not appropriate or relevant for this type of activity.

Have a great Christmas and NY break and happy Zwifting !