Zwift Academy 2023 Group Workout, no ZP stats for some riders

If you click on the results in zwfitpower for most of the ZA group workouts, some riders show up with an average W/KG in blue, and an average HR, but no 15s, 30s, 1, 5, and 20 min stats. Anyone know the possible reason for this? Doesn’t appear to be an update issue as some races I look at are nearly a week old.


Hi … I was looking to post the same question… I have now completed 3 workouts and none of my stats show up neither… hopefully someone has the answer why majority of riders do and some of us dont?

Someone else posted a snapshot of stats not showing up in another thread.
For the workout I was in, it was only one person. But if you look at other workouts, sometimes there are a good number. Its a bit unfortunate if you are putting 30 second sprints and exceed your 90 day effort, but it doesn’t show up in zp.

So, there data only shows up for races and not workouts when they have activities set to private. Where and how do you change this setting. This is done in zwift or zwift power? I assume zwift.

You can change it in Companion app.
In Settings for all activities (I believe only the future, not the past ones) or in Activities for each activity you’ve done.

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Not quite. Their data normally shows for most group workouts. I think it is the free ride element within the workout which is affecting the Live data being processed.