Zwift Power Uploads not showing data


Anyone getting an issue where your Zwift Power upload is showing blank of Zwift Power website?

I can see the group workout, I’m on the leader board but it fails to show any wattage or heart rate data at all.

This happened on week 1, and its just happened again on week 2. Others have got there data uploaded from the server but others (like myself) are blank.

Any ideas?


I should add, this only seems to happen with the Zwift Academy uploads*

I have a similar problem. Only with Zwift Acadamy uploads so far. I have data for avg power and heart rate, but the breakdown of power over time is blank. I’m not the only one, but the majority of participants have all their data.

I’m guessing you have your ZCA activity set to private?

Looks like the 20 min, 5min……5sec live power information is not being immediately downloaded. [ it looks like it is for about 1 or 2 riders per group]

So if you have your Activity set to Private ZP will then not be able to upload your .fit file information. You will notice that all those with missing power data have the green lightening bolt.

If the information is important to you you may need to make your activity Public, do the ZA workout, wait for ZP to load the .fit file (several hours later) and then make your activity Private again.

Thanks for that Ian. It is still a curiosity to me that it is only the zwift academy events that are not showing all my data. It has always shown up in previous races. They all have the green lightning bolt. Cheers

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