Zwiftpower w/kg is lower than shown results!

I’ve noticed recently that my 15 sec w/kg results on Zwift Power are lower than normal to what I’ve been doing even though I’m putting in the same effort!

I done a race today where I got my best 5 minute w/kg time and at the end of the race is showed it and on zwifts website it has it too. On Zwiftpower it’s 0.5 w/kg lower.

I’ve just noticed my best 30 seocnd time on zp is 1.6 W/kg slower than what’s displayed on zwift too!

Is there a known issue?

Yes, check out your ZP account. You will see you have, recently, a few more green bolts on each line of your results.

That suggests you ( or Zwift?) are/is saving your rides/races as private activity.

So you only get Live data on you ZP record and it never updates ( a few hours later) to the more accurate fit file data.

Always check how you ride activity is being saved.

I’ve had my profile in the companion app as private. I’m assuming this’ll be the issue?

Is it possible for the events that had the green bolts to be updated?

Just checked and it was set to ‘followers’ not private.

I’m not 100% sure of what I’m about to write but:

I think followers is pretty much the same as private.

I’m not sure you can do anything to get your green bolt updated ( other than possibly in very last race/event if over past recent hours)

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I’ve managed to figure it out. I changed it to public on the companion app and then went into my previous activities and changed them to public. Then on zwiftpower I clicked on the event and “request an update” and it’s worked. It only updated the past 8 days though as that must be their limit.

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