Zwiftpower 15sec not correct

It say 6.4w/kg on zpower. But i did 9.4w/kg. Any explanation???

Green lightening bolt (normally blue) suggests you have your Activity set to private. If so the Live data currently shown doesn’t get updated to the more accurate .fit file information. This normally affects the higher effort power found in the 1 minute and less efforts.

If you want more accurate ZwiftPower information you should consider setting your privacy setting to public.

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You are correct it set on private by default. I set to public will see if this work :+1:

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Thank you. You mean setting public on the zwiftcompanion profile ??

Yes, also once done you might need to refresh your ZwiftPower profile. If that doesn’t work immediately give it an hour or two and refresh again. Sometimes this will update your very latest ZwiftZpower entry. Doesn’t always go back many, if any, results before that.

Thank you i learned so much from you