Best 5 and 20 min power records


(I think the answer to my question is no!).

Can I see my best 20min power etc for an old activity?

I know I can see my PR for each and when I finish an activity I can see the record for that ride, but what about other rides?

I’ve looked on training peaks but this looks like a paid option.

Any other way to find/ display the data?


You might want to look at Golden Cheetah, which has a lot of metrics. You would have to download each of your FIT files and then load them into GC. It’s free.

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Strava has a free option and is only $59/yr otherwise. I recently installed Golden Cheetah. Lots of info there for sure, but I need to read some of the docs to understand more of what I am looking at.

I don’t recall a chart of my best 20 minute power on Strava, at least not via the free option.

Golden Cheetah does expose a lot of complexity, even to the new user.


There is free plug in called Sauce that works with the Elevate app for Strava. I see all kinds of levels of power from 5 seconds to 30 minutes. I know Elevate works with free Strava because my wife uses it. Not sure about Sauce.

+1 … I use Elevate and Sauce for Strava for when I want to geek out on data.

Thanks for mentioning that. I lost track of that project at some point when it had a different name. And Elevate isn’t working with Firefox yet, anyway, so I’d have to use a different browser to Elevate/

sign up to ZwiftPower. won’t work for old activities but will help you see them moving forwards.

Thanks for suggestions.

Zwift power will only show event data?

I.e not show data from a free ride…?

Yes @Chay_Mckenzie

ZP only have event data.

Best place is Strava with the extensions like suggested above.

I use goldencheetah to track all my data indoor and outside.