Longterm stats

Customer support chat suggested I post to this forum. Wanting to monitor ‘long-term’ stats for watts, heartrate, etc. Beyond most recent ride. Setting time fence would be best, i.e. past month, past year, etc. Seems like a relatively simple thing for an app as sophisticated as Zwift.

I’d love to see that as well. It’s perhaps not simple but it is basic functionality. You can use ZwiftPower to see stats from races and group rides/workouts. To get data for every ride you’ll have to connect Zwift to a 3rd party service such as Strava, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect, etc.

zwiftpower does track your weekly trends over a calendar year under the “power” subheader. there’s a dropdown menu where you can sort by 5s, 15s, 30s, 1min, 5 min, 10, and 20 minutes. anything more complex than that though and you’re probably gonna have to pay for trainingpeaks, strava premium, or my favoured method: a notepad and a pen.

Another option

If you are already pumping everything into Strava then VeloViewer gives you as much analysis as you could likely want.

Hi Paul, Thanks for the feedback. I really like Zwift for a number of reasons. I like ‘one-stop’ shopping too. Sometimes what seems obvious and easy to me may not be. Looking forward to new capabilities in Zwift.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll take a look at zwiftpower. Thanks again.

Best place is probably Strava. There you can track outdoor rides as well.

TrainingPeaks gives all this data too, but only if you’re a paid subscriber.

I’ve seen it mentioned on here that Zwift do have a desire to integrate Zwift Power in to your profile page. Long term power data is exactly the kind of thing that should be viewable in your profile (not necessarily public) or on some kind of stats page.

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Yes!! I want that too. Just make a different colored point for each ride for power, heart rate, cadence, speed,… then draw the appropriate colored line connecting the dots.
Comparing the same ride at different times would be cool while you’re at it :grinning: