Zwift Power all connected, not registering rides...?

I think I followed all the directions properly to get Zwift Power all hooked up but then I did a workout on Saturday morning and ZP still shows nothing.

I suspect you mean your own workouts and not a group workout - if so, it will appear under your Activities list only (>>Profile>>Activities) and sometimes it will need you to hit the Update button. Only events (put on by the community/Zwift for group workouts, rides and races) will be listed under your default view (under >Profile).


hm, ok I found what you’re talking about but this doesn’t actually tell me anything that Strava doesn’t already.

ok thanks. This was kind of a waste of time.

What are you after Jason? Loads of other free tools out there that may be of use to help you with your goals that people here might be able to help you out with.

fair question and honestly at this moment I can’t remember.

There was some killer functionality that only Zwift Power provided and now I’ve spent so much time setting it up I can’t even remember why I did so.

OH! Now I remember - it was supposed to tell me where my FTP ranked in comparison to every one else.

It wont provide that statistic. It provides race rankings but that relates to races only. plugs into Strava and it has some really detailed stats that might be useful to you including where your FTP sits in your age group as well as other handy metrics. Here’s a small sample of what it provides:

It also demoralises me when I see how poorly I am on the Coggan scale of all riders :slight_smile:


this is super cool - is this for strava premium? Is there a link on where I can find more info?

No, I use the free version of Strava and grabs the data. is free (donation supported).

Just go to and sign up Jason.

This is WILD, man - thanks for the tip.

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where are those charts you posted above?

yup i suck - thanks for helping me confirm that :slight_smile:

I’m about at the 65% metric across races, power, etc. Meaning that when I do a segment on Zwift I am generally two thirds of the way down the leaderboard.

This more or less proves that out across all my data.

oh wow your numbers looks like a superhero compared to mine…

lol - it certainly can be depressing with the comparisons, but much like getting ya butt kicked by 12yr olds lightweights in races, you just have to grimace and be thankful you aren’t last :rofl: (but even that happens!)

I just want to see the numbers improve. Seems like I’ve plateaued the past couple months. Maybe that’s normal for indoor season. This is my first year of “serious” riding.

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