Wrong lap / interval start time in ZA Workout 1 (8 min free ride)

Hi Shiju

I really “enjoyed” pushing myself to the limit in the first ZA workout.

I really let rip in the second half of the 8 minute free ride and as I reached the end of the world of pain I could see that my average was 303W (for the part where I could actually see anything my sight was going. This meant I was close on 111% of my FTP.

Imagine my frustration when I see that Zwift started and ended the interval a minute before - so the interval data shows 283W average. 102% of my FTP.

Why did it start the interval in the analysis start at a different time to the actual start of the interval?

where do you look to see the data?

The lap markers seem fine in Golden Cheetah.

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Hi Gerrie
The analyses in both Today’s Plan and Strava show the interval starting early. I wish I could include the screenshots I have but this post won’t allow media uploads.

That seem strange. My interval 17 (the fun 8 min) seem to line up.


Are you looking at the data from Zwift or did you record power with a different device line a garmin?


The data came straight from Zwift and went into Today’s Plan. I did not use any other device.

In fact - it looks like all the intervals are curtailed / started a minute early, thought the session.

What device are you using for Zwift and how do you connect.

MacBook and the App on both the MacBook and Zwift companion on iPhone. Everything is Ant+ tacx Flux, Garmin HRM and a Garmin cadence meter.

Experienced something similar where my power numbers achieved dont match up to the intervals as expected on this mornings workout #1. Looks like they are offset with best example 5 min cool down has higher watts than 8 min effort. Did an ios update before I started too.

I have posted this issue in the bugs and fixes section of this forum in the hope that someone realises that this is a proper issue.

You’re absolutely right… I am looking at the 10 second intervals and the power readings are completely inaccurate.

How did you manage to post a screenshot in your post… it wont let me do it. It’s the only way I can show the problem clearly

I just attached the picture or copy and paste.

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It still won’t let me embed a media file in a post

Any news on this topic? I can also see that Strava and Today’s plan are way off target. Trainingpeaks however works fine and shows the right lap wattage.