Interval times are wrong in Strava and Todays Plan

Imagine doing a workout where you’re trying to assess your average power output over free ride intervals e.g., 8 minutes or 30 seconds in Zwift Academy. It’s important to have the interval start and finish times in analysis apps like Strava and Todays Plan.

Well this is the second ZA workout I’ve completed and the interval start and finish times are all out of sync with my actual performance in Zwift.

This extremely de-motivating.

I cannot understand why Zwift app does not provide these other applications with the correct start and finish times for each section.

I hadnt noticed this before now… so I suspect that it is possibly a bug in the ZA workouts.

Can anyone help fix this problem please?

I was noticing the same. For the sprints in workout #2 the onscreen average crossing the arc were some 50W higher than in the power curve on today’s plan. So assume the start and end for the segment were not in sync.

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I noticed this on my workout today when uploaded to Strava. My intervals/laps are offset anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds which affects average power, etc. They all appear to be offset to the “late” side, meaning the interval on strava shows it starting 2-10 seconds AFTER it did on Zwift and ending 2 to 10 seconds late as well.

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Did anyone ever get a solution on this problem? I just had the same issue show up in workout #5

Zwift have not replied to this forum feed or the bug fix query I sent them. I would advise (unfortunately) doing the workout again. Did it happen on a group ride or when you were doing it through the pre-loaded workouts on the workouts menu?

It happened in a group workout. I might try again using the workout panel. But from Strava files it looks like others in the group workout had their numbers recorded correctly… super frustrating

I experience the same problem. Is there any update on possible solutions?

I saw this today a second time, on today’s plan I had 10m warmup followed by main interval with 2x(8m tempo, 5 minutes rest) 40 minutes free ride and finally 10 minutes cooldown. In Zwift this translated to warmup, one main interval at tempo for 40 minutes, cooldown.

I’m seeing this consistently at the moment. The lap in Strava is offset to the right of where it should be. For some reason it appears correctly in Training Peaks.

Same here. When i do intervals in zwift with a custom workout of 10x (1´@500W + 3´@160W), strava starts with good accuracy in the start and the finish, but each interval the sync is worse.
If you look at the first table, the last 1´ interval was really low (394W), but the as you can see in the second picture this is because Strava loose the sync with start and finish.

And finaly if a crop the real 1 minute interval the power is much higher (483W)

ANy clue how to slve this issue?