Zwift reporting incorrect interval power to third-party apps

I recently completed a workout (the Zwift Academy Primed FTP workout) which had some 30-second intervals for which the power reported on Strava and Today’s Plan are incorrect. I see on the Timeline feature on Zwift that I was hitting the target power for these intervals (~320 watts) but on my third-party apps it says that I averaged below 150 watts for each of those intervals. I know that sometimes the power reported may be off by a few watts because it takes a few seconds for the trainer to adjust to the target wattage, but I was only at 150 watts for maybe 1 second at the very beginning of the interval and hit and held the target within a few seconds, so there’s no way that could have been my average power for the intervals. Is there some bug where Zwift is reporting the instantaneous power at the beginning of the interval to third-party apps instead of average power? And how can I fix this? Normally I wouldn’t care at all but since this is for the Academy it’s a bit more important to have the correct numbers reported out. Thanks!