Incorrect power reading in zwift power


Did this race yesterday
WBR 1 Flat Lap #pst Race (6.2 mi / 10.3 km), Thu Aug 17th 2017 20:30
Leader board had me at 2nd with about 407W ave, which was likely correct. However, zwift power has me at about 173W ave, which wouldn’t be possible given my placing and body mass. Power reports in my second race of the night were fine though. Just thought i’d let you know.

Hi Greig,

ZwiftPower is not related to Zwift so, unfortunately, we don’t have any control as to what they report for power.

Many times on zwiftpower, the results ‘live’ and official times and wattage will come much later. check the boxes top left if it says ‘waiting for final results’. If you have your zwift linked to strava, there will be access to accurate numbers, but don’t expect them to show right away. Also, ftp numbers are usually incorrect in any event under 20 minutes. Initial posted watts may include your entire ride (race plus cool down ride). There are many variables, but most events are correct when final results are posted.

Only caution: 1 and 2 km races are currently non-functional but still being held.