Ride History

(Robert Huggins) #1

The ride history data is very sparse. Is it possible to see more data from previous rides? I would have thought the logical place would be on the website?

(Gerrie Delport) #2

Link to your Strava Account, there you can keep track of all your rides (inside and outside). No need to reinvent the wheel.

(Robert Huggins) #3

I have a Strava account, but if i want the extended data such as my power numbers etc. I have to pay. I already pay Zwift, and they already have the data which we can only see at the end of the ride. Would it be that difficult to have a ride history screen where we can dig into our rides in a bit more depth?

(Tim Nail) #4

Even if they literally kept the screen that you see at the end of the ride and had it posted to your account online…

(Gerrie Delport) #5

Robert, search stravistix on google. It is a add on for Google Chrome that will give you a lot more info on Strava.