Where do I find the time spent completing a route?

I had my first experience with Zwift today. I find the GUI of Zwift very confusing. After completing my first route (Richmond 2015 UCI) I can’t find the time I used to complete the route anywhere, only total time spent biking.

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If you link Zwift to Strava you can see all your segment and route times.



Thanks for the reply. Now I have connected to Strava and completed 3 routes on Zwift, but only 1 of them shows up as a segment on Strava. So I still don’t know the time I used to complete 2 of the routes. There must be somewhere on Zwift I can see this very basic info.

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There isn’t unless it’s setup on Strava.

If you save your ride immediately after getting the achievement then you’ll have an idea.

Not ideal but a workaround.

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