Viewing your course/segment records

Hi, is there anyway to view my records of individual courses ?

For instance if I do the Volcano Circuit in Watopia, is there anyway afterwards I can view my time for just the circuit segment, not my total elapsed time for the entire ride?

I’ve done that particular circuit a few times and I’d like to go back and see what my PB is if possible ?

Yes you can see this in the Companion app. Tap on Explore and navigate to the appropriate world. Pick any route that includes the segment you’re interested in and you’ll be able to view PR history.

Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply. So, I’ve gone to the route that I’ve just done this morning (in Companion app) and it shows the segments within the route (they are all sprints ) , but what I want to see is my time for the overall route (in this case it’s Neon Flats in Markuri which is 9.13miles

When I view the activity on Strava (as I have it linked to my Zwift profile ) my total ride time is 29:50 and a distance of 9.38miles

But in Strava, at the bottom, it says -

Segment -Neon Flats , 9.13miles , 28:48

As it’s not including the lead in and the bit after before I can click ‘end ride’

Does this make sense ? I want to view in Zwift the Neon Flats Segment …

Any idea?

Sorry Neon Flats is not a segment in Zwift. There are only a few circuits that are timed segments, like Volcano Circuit. Eric of Zwift Insider adds many Strava segments that are not segments in Zwift, so you will see them there but not in Zwift. In ZwiftPower you can look at the Segments menu for a list of what’s available.

Prior discussion on this topic which has been brought up many times:

cheers Paul that makes sense. i’ll have a look through that dicussion and check out the segments menu you mentioned