Compare Zwift total course times NOT segments


This may be simple, but I can’t find it anywhere. I know that when I click on a segment I can view all of my PR’s and times for that particular segment, but how do I see my overall time and PR’s for the entire course. Is there a way to do this?

Strava would be the only place at the moment you would see this info.

I’m on Strava. I can click on a segment of a ride and compare my times from previous rides, but I don’t see how to compare the total course time.

What do you mean “total course time”?


For example, how long it took me to complete the Richmond UCI course compared to my previous rides on the same course

There used to be Zwiftblog (now Zwiftinsider) verified segments, not sure they are still there, but I know there used to be one for the UCI course. Zwift might implement an all-time segment, but that could be a ways down the line. As of right now you should be able to see the last 30 days top 15 times while you are riding the course.

Got it, thanks. Just found this post and see other people are wondering the same thing:

Couldn’t you just create a Strava segment covering the area you want to analyse?


Just so you know comparing distance over time within Zwift is meaningless, you should be working watts over times.

You can’t do either Paul is the issue. If I ride a course I want to see stats compared to previous rides of the same course and not just segments.


You are still trying to compare distance over time by asking for that and that is meaningless especially on a trainer. It doesn’t matter the course, route or lap, it’s about watts/power over time. Using watts over time you can compare going up the mountain in Watopia to the flat course in Richmond.

If you still want to compare a course, route or lap just create a Strava segment, but it won’t really mean much since things like the bike you choose and/or the draft can skew the numbers.

It’s the same thing as riding outside. Wind direction, weather etc. There are always variables. There are other people that want the same thing. I’ve been an athlete my entire life I don’t need you telling me what matters and what doesn’t. I like to see my overall data and times like any athlete would. I’m done with this pointless back and forth with you.

Thanks Paul Graham I’ll look into creating a customized segment :+1:t3:


Then you should know you are asking for pointless and miss leading data.

I feel terrible for whoever your significant other is (if you even have one) that has to put up with someone who is such an insufferable “know-it-all” prick. Man that’s a tough job, Lord have mercy on that person :raised_hands:t3: :rofl:


Make sure you read the forum guidelines:

I have assisted many people to get up and running on Zwift. I don’t know why you are calling me a derogatory word, but it’s uncalled for on these forums. I am trying to assist you in getting better information that you can use to compare regardless of the course. 


Are you my personal trainer? No, so stop acting like it. I asked a question about data. If you want to be helpful answer the question and stop giving unsolicited personal opinions on what YOU think I need and don’t need. 

This is giving information and being helpful:

"Paul Graham Today at 10:31

Couldn’t you just create a Strava segment covering the area you want to analyse?"

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