PRs and Segment Info



I just joined Zwift and I am a little confused. Today I chose the Volcano Flat route which it said was 7.6 miles. After riding for 7.6 miles I saw no indication that I had completed anything. Eventually I pulled over and ended my ride, unsure of whether I had completed it or not. After exiting the ride I saw that in my activity (which I had to find online instead of in the App) it indicated that I rode in Watopia for 8 miles, but it only had time, distance and average Watts and no other details. I found something called PRs after searching online, but after logging back in to the Volcano Flat course, I don’t seen any PRs listed for me at the left hand side of the screen for any segments. And I don’t really see how the “Sprint”, “Hilly Loop” etc, segments correspond to the Volcano Flat course that I chose. Can someone explain this to me?

If you choose a course you will just continue to remain on that course doing laps of it, only a couple of course start and end at the Start/End arch. Most routes start you a little before the route begins so I would think that is why you are seeing a difference in distance. Basically, routes can be done many times over and over or you can use your mouse ot Zwift Companion App to make turns to different routes. Don’t over think it.

If you want to see more data after your ride you will need to upload it to a 3rd party like Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect and a couple others.

Zwift will scroll through the PR’s on the left hand-side of the screen with who is fasted on that segment and will also show you your 30 day PR for any routes you have ridden.

The Volcano Flat course doesn’t have any segments available for PR’s.