Make all Routes into Segments with 30 day PRs

I’m fairly new to Zwift so forgive me if this doesn’t make perfect sense, but I spent a couple of weeks very confused about the difference between routes and segments.

Specifically, I couldn’t understand why in Watopia Hilly Route had a leaderboard and records a 30 day PR, but Flat Route didn’t.

The answer, as most reading this may know is that Hilly Route, along with say Volcano Circuit are both a route and a segment. Other routes are not segments at all and some are not segments but contain segments (including sprints and KOMs).

I don’t think I’m the only one to be confused about this. The obvious solution to this confusion and something that would improve Zwift seems to me to be to make any selectable route on Zwift into a segment with a leaderboard and 30 day PR.

At the moment the workaround used by many users seems to be to use Strava segments to record PRs on routes. I think this functionality should be internal to Zwift.