Keep last X PRs instead of 30 days

I would like to see the last X (probably 10) PRs kept instead of 30 days.


I find that often my PR list is completely empty because of only riding a few times a week and liking to take varied routes.

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Agree!  I would like to know how I’ve improved on a route over an extended time.  For example, If I bust a gut around the Road to Ruins, KOM, volcano, etc. at start of fall season in October, I would like to compare how I timed those same routes in March after winter riding…or even compare it next year.  Keep the top times if possible.  

why not both? all time PRs and last 30 days.

Completely agree with this. When there was just the single Watopia course then 30 days made sense but not now as invariably when I’m riding a segment I won’t have done it for the previous 30 days at all, so can’t track my progress. 

It should be a configurable amount of time I would probably set it to 1 year.

Totally agree. You’ve made a long term investment and so have we. It’s time you changed this to something meaningful. 

Agree. As Zwift expands the likihood of rising a specific section multiple times decreases.

100% Agree.  --no data-- is not very motivating.

Exactly.  You have made so many places to go, I don’t get back to some for a while.  This morning I had no data for the Hilly Route forward or backwards.  I don’t even ride London or Richmond!