Keep last X PRs instead of 30 days

(Tim Borland #PMC2018) #1

I would like to see the last X (probably 10) PRs kept instead of 30 days.


I find that often my PR list is completely empty because of only riding a few times a week and liking to take varied routes.

(Justin John TT1) #2

Agree!  I would like to know how I’ve improved on a route over an extended time.  For example, If I bust a gut around the Road to Ruins, KOM, volcano, etc. at start of fall season in October, I would like to compare how I timed those same routes in March after winter riding…or even compare it next year.  Keep the top times if possible.  

(Kevin Kauffman) #3

why not both? all time PRs and last 30 days.

(Mark Hewitt) #4

Completely agree with this. When there was just the single Watopia course then 30 days made sense but not now as invariably when I’m riding a segment I won’t have done it for the previous 30 days at all, so can’t track my progress. 

It should be a configurable amount of time I would probably set it to 1 year.

(2 RollingStoned) #5

Totally agree. You’ve made a long term investment and so have we. It’s time you changed this to something meaningful. 

(Matthew Whitwell) #6

Agree. As Zwift expands the likihood of rising a specific section multiple times decreases.

(j ustTim) #7

100% Agree.  --no data-- is not very motivating.

(Derek Claussen (DMOS)) #8

Exactly.  You have made so many places to go, I don’t get back to some for a while.  This morning I had no data for the Hilly Route forward or backwards.  I don’t even ride London or Richmond!