Make PR's/Segment times available for more than 30 days

(Payne Griffin (RCC DC)) #1

As the number of courses and routes expands, I don’t ride the same climbs as often, so frequently, my previous times have been erased. Please keep them indefinitely, or for at least a year, etc.

For example, If I only ride the Epic KOM once a month, every time I ride it, my previous times chart has been erased.

Personal Records - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe
60 (or 90) day PRs
(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #2

I completely support this. I have the same thing as you where I often don’t ride a given route more than once in 30 days, so the “30 day PR” isn’t helpful.

One side point, however, is if PRs are held indefinitely it should be possible to clear them. As I get older, maybe I’ll never be able to hit my PR from 5 years ago again. It’d be more motivational to be able to reset them and set a new bunch of PRs to work against.

(Martin Harris) #3

quarterly decay perhaps + reset option.

(Payne Griffin (RCC DC)) #4

Perhaps Zwift could reset the PR’s every 30 days, i don’t mind that. But leave all of the times there too. I can never remember what a good segment time is for particular climbs.

(Brian Vandegriend) #5

Totally agree with this request - having 3 month and 6 or 12 month PRs in addition to the 30 day would be much appreciated.

(D P. Pedal of Honour) #6

As I lighter user of Zwift, I don’t get to ride against my PB’s they’re erased before I can repeat many courses.
Can I therefore have a discounted subscription rate or please stop erasing my times, so I am not penalised for using less server time ?

(Ryan Boyd 9811) #7

I know this isn’t the best solution as Zwift should just fix this but if you use Strava and go through some of the workouts in zwift you can hide all the nonsense segments that everybody makes and only leave the (Zwift insider) ones marked as un-hidden. Then Bookmark them. That way it will only show you these achievements on your ride instead of the 300 or so useless ones. I spent a good amount of time tonight doing this and I now have all the zwift KOM’s on my bookmarked page. Before i head on a route i just do a quick check on my bookmarked segments and can find my last PR in a matter of seconds.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [VISION]) #8

What do you notice in this image?

That’s right: 31 days and no Richmond.

Surely this is a strong argument against limiting PRs to the past 30 days? Because for any Zwifter who uses the game as intended, 30 day PRs on Richmond are now guaranteed to be wiped next time it comes around, no matter if they even Zwift every day.

Yes, I know the “world hack” means someone can ride Richmond if they choose. But I suspect the majority of Zwifters follow the schedule and don’t want to edit the prefs XML or install a third party app in order to choose a world. That’s even if they can, and we know that Apple TV and Android users can’t (AFAIK). Thus “as intended” means the way Zwift want us to use the game – following their schedule.

So, for me the addition of New York supports the duration of PRs being extended. And world-changing from within the game. After all, there are now five worlds competing for a slice of the action. So even if we just stick to a schedule I’m sure there will be other instances when a given world isn’t available for more than 30 days.

(Neil Weber) #9

I can’t think of a reason to automatically clear PRs. I’m new to Zwift this winter. I expect to let my membership lapse over the summer and when I renew next fall, I think I’d like to see my old PRs.

(Lani Spahr) #10

I totally agree. Can’t be that difficult for Zwift to do.