Personal Records - option to select beyond 30-day timeframe

(Vincent) #1

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Personal records often date back beyond 30 days. I would like to see a display option or other way to select 30, 90, 6-month, and 1-year options for the various rides, sprints, and hills. Either that or concurrent display for “all-time record” for the best course, sprint and hill times. Provides more perspective and insight.

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60 (or 90) day PRs
(Bhaltair) #2

I’m really curious why this has not yet been implemented. This is clearly a desired and logical change. There are at least two other active threads requesting this, and numerous archived ones back as far as September 2016.

Make PR’s/Segment times available for more than 30 days

Enuf with the 30 Day PR Already!

Even a year ago I frequently found myself on a segment with a leader board with zero personal times in the past 30 days. Today, with the numerous expansions, the problem is even more common. Give us the ability to click through “30, 60, 90, 180, 1 year, Lifetime” PR’s for each segment. Or at least change it to 90 days and add a page to my.zwift with all of my times in a table that can be filtered and sorted.

Is it coming? If not, can someone at Zwift comment on why not? Is it difficult to implement? Some other business reason?

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(. Hans van den Heuvel) #3

I also really want this. Is Zwift working on it?

(Oliver) #4

Yes, a 30 day PR is pretty meaningless, especially given the 4 different worlds and multiple routes per world.

(Trevor) #5

Another vote from me. This would be an awesome feature.

(Vincent) #6

Going to ping this request up the chain again today, thanks for responding everyone!

(Bhaltair) #7

Thank you!

(T) #8

I think this is important now - it’s 2 years since it was first requested and I can’t believe that more people haven’t requested a “PR” time instead of just the default 30 days. The database fields will already be there so it can’t be a big stretch to implement.

(Mike) #9

Especially needed now with world choice, many times my 30 day PR is blank because its been so long since I’ve done that particular route/segment.

(Adam) #10

Please add also an option beyond the 1 year - All time best record.
(although, some people will prefer not to have this option due to different personal reasons, so it could be done by a choice in the settings)
Thank you!

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(D) #11

Here’s another angle to support this idea. If I ride loads I am much more likely to see a PR and be able to race against it. If I ride less frequently, I don’t get to use PR’s. I am denied this feature

I pay the same subscription as the heavy user for less functionality. Can I have either a) a discount on my membership for having less features or preferably b) the same features i.e the ability to choose timeframes beyond 30 days

(Steven Robinson (CycleChat)) #12

30 days worth of PRs did make sense at one point when there were just 6 jerseys in Watopia (Sprint, Hilly Loop and KOM in both directions), but I make it there are now a total of 39 - 14 in Watopia alone, plus 8 in London, 6 in New York and in Innsbruck and 5 in Richmond.

I agree with the poster above who said that most of the time I come across a finish/sprint/KOM banner, my 30 day PR is blank, because I just don’t get the chance to ride every course on a regular basis.

If it had to be a fixed number and couldn’t be customised, I’d go for 90 days myself.

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #13

I have a option C) Increased the membership for people who want 90day PR’s. You sighed up for Zwift knowing what features is possible. The whole I pay therefore I deserve more is getting old.

I do Agree with @Steven_Robinson it will be nice to have longer duration for keeping PR’s.

(D) #14

Errr… this is a forum for suggestions to improve Zwift? I did sign up knowing the deal, but if I’m not allowed to suggest improvements, "old"or new, whats the point of this forum.

With respect, I’m not interested in your thoughts on my suggestions

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