30 day PR extension?

Hi! I have been so very thankful for Zwift during the winter months here in Colorado! I also love the new worlds that have been added. Given the number of options that there are to ride now, I was wondering if there has been any consideration given to keeping an all time PR on the sprints and climbs and stuff instead of a 30 day PR. I really like exploring the different rides and worlds, but I also like trying to beat my previous times. It seems I can’t do both. Would love to know if there would be a way to hang on to our PRs longer (perhaps an all-time PR is retained, or 1 year)?


Please refer to this thread and make sure you vote it up: https://forums.zwift.com/t/make-prs-segment-times-available-for-more-than-30-days/

Closing this one.

Ride On!