Routes on companion v app

I’ve found some routes on zwift companion that I’d like to do but I can’t shortlist them or find them for use later in the Zwift app. Is anyone able to help please? I can only see watatopia, France and Paris in the app and I’d like to do Harrogate, Richmond and lots of the others. Thanks!

The Worlds are rotating (except Watopia).
You can either wait for these worlds or create a meetup and choose this track.

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Hello @Lee-ann_Humphries and welcome to Zwift forums!

Andreas is correct. There’s a list of the different worlds that are available here.

Should you want to create a Meetup - that’s like creating a private ride for you and friends who you mutually follow, and you can ride in a world with no others around you. More information on Meetups here.

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You can also select many off-calendar routes by starting a workout. You don’t have to do the workout - you can just skip ahead to the end of it. Or make a 10 second custom workout and keep riding when it ends.

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Thanks that’s a great work around. I had accessed one of the routes through there but was struggling with following the actual workout. I had no idea you could create your own and then carry on riding! I feel like a need a degree to work it all out :slight_smile:

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Thanks will look into that :slight_smile:

Thanks hadn’t realised you couldn’t access them all the time!