Make both Guest Worlds available for meetups

Since the addition of an extra world at all times (Watopia + two guest worlds), it would be cool if they could make all 3 available for meetups.

Would like to make a meetup at Richmond, but it’s not available for the entire rest of this month…

Agreed, missed the Yorkshire day this month as the primary world but it’s there as the secondary world for all LONDON dates but I am unable to create a meeting for Yorkshire for the remainder of this month.

Please can this be addressed?

I just assumed we would have this option once the companion App updates. Been waiting all week for it…

I see no reason not to just have all the general rotation worlds available for a meet-up. That way people can go somewhere quiet (off schedule) if they want to. :slight_smile:


Agree 100% with this request - I’d like to schedule meetups this week on Richmond and Yorkshire, but as they are only the “second” guest world they’re not selectable in the Companion app :frowning_face:

+1 would this would be good

It’s like I’m clairvoyant!

You can now schedule a meetup on Watopia, Innsbruck, London, New York, Richmond or Yorkshire.