Wrong worlds available

Running Apple TV latest app. My available worlds do not match the published calendar. For example, this morning I had Watopia, London and Yorkshire available. Yorkshire had like 50 people while the other worlds had thousands. Should have been Watopia, London and RICHMOND. U.S. east coast at 5am, but this has happened recently on other days and times throughout the day.

Hi @Brian_Hunt_LetsRace, from Zwiftinsider: Keep in mind the guest course changeover happens at midnight Eastern/9pm Pacific (4am UTC the following day).

Is your Apple TV set to the correct time zone?

@Mike_Rowe1 I’ll check, but that wouldn’t explain why Yorkshire was available. It wasn’t a guest world yesterday.

true! that is strange behavior

EDIT: I just logged in to see what was on the schedule today and I got Richmond/London as per the schedule. Perhaps it was just a random glitch?

Do you force close the Zwift app on your Apple TV after each use? This might clear it up.

I’m having this bug now, several months later. I’ll try to update TVOs, but its really weird to ride in a world with practically no one in it. Of course, its great for getting KOM’s and jerseys.

Mike’s suggestion worked for me. You have to force close the app (double press the home button, scroll over to Zwift, then swipe up).