Zwift guest world December 2019

We seems to have New York for the whole month. Anyone any idea why and what’s going on?


I have noticed this too- I hope it is not so. There is too much London and NYC and not enough of the other three ‘worlds’ as it is


Is there about to be an update for New York, e.g. the already hinted Criterium Course or maybe even the Velodrome? The schedule seems to suggest something about to happen.

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As per attached pic

Apple tv

Is this by design?

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I guess this will change soon.

Hehe dont worry. Was same for me 2 months ago. They changed it at first of month.

I wonder if the update will bring the expected UI changes?

Let’s hope it changes.
If I’d have known I’d have cancelled my December subscription

Zwift is aware of the issue and it will get resolved soon, But I doubt it will be today.

I’d take New York with a Velodrome for all of December instantly. Curious for the new updates - keep it coming Zwift:)

As of this writing is fixed for me on windows, android and Apple tv

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You can always use zwiftpreferences and select any world.

Looks fine in Google Calendar from here :smile:

Hi everyone!

As has been mentioned once or twice, the guest world issue should be resolved now! Thank you all for letting us know about this in a respectful manner, user reports of issues like this help use catch them a lot quicker!

Happy Zwifting!



What time of day do the guest worlds usually change? In the UK last night, it was New York when got on bike, then an hour later it was Yorkshire. If i had known a change was due, i would have waited. Real bummer as now have to wait 4 weeks till Yorkshire comes back.

Not sure about time of day but if you want to hack the guest world use this -

Still facing this problem on PC. Only London available since December.

As of yesterday, I’m facing this problem. I’m stuck in NYC for the whole month.

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Did you at some point use the World hack?

you should see two options.