Change world in companion app

Have the IOS companion app running in my phone and just downloaded the app on an Apple TV.
I enter the system and everything works. It says London and you are able to choose various routes in London. And I can start the ride in London. I’ve searched and searched and can’t find any way to change from London to watopia. Neither on the phone or Apple TV. Anyone know the trick to do this?

Hi @Dean_Edwards

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Sorry that you’re having some issues with selecting a world! After you pair your devices, and hit the “OK” button (make sure you’re hitting OK once and not twice on accident), you should be taken to the next screen where you can select a world, then a route within that world, and then start your ride.

Not all worlds are available everyday. Watopia is always available, but the other worlds are in rotation. We have this article that talks a little more about this.

Thanks I made more progress.
I’m on the main Zwift screen with my name and a right arrow. Click the arrow and it pairs devices then immediately brings up a map on my phone. I can move around between features and it’s easy to tell that I’m in events because it shows a white border on a colored background.
The center screen with routes and stuff is white so you can’t see what you are selecting.
You have to go to events then click left two or three times to change the routes and worlds.
Without really knowing where you are.
Is that the way it’s supposed to work? On a Apple TV 4K. I’m using a monitor not a TV.
Is there a video setting somewhere that makes the curser more visible?
What’s also weird is that I haven’t seen any of this functionality on my phone. Yet it’s running the same code?

I’ve used the pc version for all of 2022 and love it but hate using the pc, which is why I’m trying to get the ATV to work.

I just tried it on a TV using HDMI and everything is visible. Looks like it was the monitor
Thanks for the help.

One more experience when using Zwift on ATV. The screen I have seemed to work perfectly except back key pulls up the pause screen, however it wouldn’t come up high enough to see the end ride button. Couldn’t get to the end ride in any way.
Plugged the ATV into my main and latest TV and end ride is shown below the pause screen.
Plugged it back into the TV that wouldn’t show it and now it’s centered and end ride is shown. Like the system leaned something about the Zwift app?