World select option on Apple TV


Since Watopia has become constantly available I’m unsure how I select this world to ride in, can anyone put some screenshots of where you select world, my apple tv box is on auto update so I assume its not requiring one.


I cannot get you a screenshot at the moment from my Apple TV. However, you should definitely see two different worlds (e.g., Watopia and XXX where XXX is London, NYC, etc…) on the route selection screen. It should be obvious and at the very top.

As for the Apple TV and auto-update, I recommend you go into the settings and manually check for an update to be sure you are running the latest version of Apple tvOS. I also suggest you go into the app store and manually check that Zwift is the latest and greatest :grin: as well.

I grabbed a screenshot from iPhone which looks the same as what I see on my Apple TV:

On Apple TV, you have to scroll all the way to the top with the remote. Then, you go side to side to choose the world. You have to hit select on the remote to choose a world.