Apple TV - Can't select region on login

I have an Apple TV 4 which the app runs fine on, however it has a difference start up process to running the App on my iPad Pro or iPhone.

When I login on a mobile device, I get a world calendar and the option to select between Watopia and the daily calendar area. On my Apple TV it skips this screen totally and jumps straight into Watopia.

Is there a way to avoid this? Am I doing something wrong or is this the norm on the Apple TV app?

Apple TV IOS 13.1
Zwift App - 1.0.48638

Thanks guys.

Hi @Scott_Garner

Welcome to the forum,

If you double click the OK button in the paring screen you can potentially skip the world selection screen.


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Hi Gerrie,

Thanks for your response. It seems this must have been the case and is caused by some unresponsiveness with the bluetooth remote on the Apple TV with the Zwift app that does not exist on any other app.

Using my mobile as the remote seems to have resolved the issue.

Seems the Apple TV remote issue is a long standing one in the community.

I really appreciate the help.

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