Can you change worlds on apple tv like you can with mac/pc

I know there is a way of changing what world you ride in on zwift with a pc or mac but can you do the same with apple tv?

No, you don’t have access to the AppleTV file system the way you do on other devices.

Probably the main ‘blocker’ in me not wanting to move from laptop/pc streaming to Apple 4k.

Really hope the promised ‘World Choosing’ option appears in the next major update.

Long overdue.

Try airplay - lower graphics but something.

Mark , it’s obviously nowhere near a solution but, if you’re getting annoyed by (virtual) cycling in among lots of other people, you can always do a U-turn. 

At least that whittles down the number of people you’ll get caught up in. 

As I said, sorry that doesn’t help when it comes to selecting game worlds.

Zwift keep saying they’re going to bring that in. As stated before, many times, it’s long overdue.

I can’t understand why Zwift’s people haven’t listened to their customer base and done it months and months ago. It’s a huge irritation to many users who have been extremely vocal about it. 

i run a pc version and really find the world hack useful, I am considering moving oer to apple tv 4k to save my tired laptop, but will hold off until I can select the world to ride, hopefully soon???