world choice option


Is there a world choice option going to be available during game loading in the future? Its perfectly fine at the moment as I run pc version so just use the Zwiftpref hack, but considered switching to Apple tv 4k? This is a very important option for me attm and will determine when I make the switch

Thanks for all you have done up to now its awesome :slight_smile:

I was literally about to create my own request on this topic and saw this.

Absolutely agree. I enjoy Zwift which has become an essential part of my training. Am not a fan of rolling world access as given the choice i would be riding in Watopia and more often than not up Alpe du Zwift

Not having the choice is very frustrating and puts me off riding so you’ve lost multiple days of me as a user because of this. Sorry I’ve been through London plenty of times and it does not interest me as a course.

SImilar to the Jungle area being bolted directly onto WAtopia why not just take the same approach with London, RIchmond? One world rideable by all.

Or give me formal choice of world or an informal hack on Apple tv like pc, os users already have