Watopia Courses

(Sally) #1


I don’t see the option to select them when I start the program, at what point does it come up?

I have updated the software.

(Daren) #2

Log in to the game and start it (the full game, not the pre-game login screen).

You should see the choice of two worlds on the first screen, at the top.

(Sally) #3

Perfect, embarrassing that I didn’t see that…

(Daren) #4

On re-reading your post I wasn’t sure if you meant “routes” or “worlds” – but routes are at the top of the screen too anyway. :smiley:

(Adam) #5

I have same issue, well almost the same.
I can see the option to choose the worlds on my Win10 OS, but cannot see this option under MacOS tablet. Any suggestions?

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #6

Make sure the Zwift app is fully up to date on the Mac.