How do I change worlds

I am brand new to Zwift. So far not a good user experience and I don’t find Zwift intuitive at all. My question is how do I change worlds? I am using macOS and a Mac laptop.

After you pair your sensors and hit ok you get to another menu. At the top are 3 worlds you can choose from (Watopia and 2 guest worlds). Click which one you want then you can change which route. Then hit Ride.

Thanks for responding. Unfortunately after I pair up my sensors, I don’t see the menu that you screenshot. It opens up the ride directly in Watopia.

I would guess one of two things:

If this is your first ride on Zwift you will be taken straight to Watopia to complete an introductory ride. On this ride a number of Zwift features will be introduced during the course of the ride. You must complete this ride in order to be able to access the screen shown in the above screenshot. (Of course, you’ll also need to save the intro ride, exit Zwift, and start a whole new session to get there, but this is a ‘bug/feature’ that will hopefully get changed soon.)

If this is NOT your first Zwift ride, you are probably double-clicking the ‘OK’ button after pairing. Unfortunately the ‘Ride’ button shown in the screenshot above is in the exact same spot on the screen as the ‘OK’ button on the pairing screen, so a double-click effectively hits the OK button on the pairing screen AND the ‘Ride’ button on the World Selection screen. So, in this case just be sure to only click the OK button on the pairing screen once.

I hope this helps.


Be careful that you don’t try to click “OK” on the sensor pairing screen twice or after the screen closes. The “Ride” button is right underneath and so you might be hitting the ride button on accident.

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not on a mac but it’s a problem i have on my iphone, after i select my sensors, often i hit ok at the same time as it times out, this results in it thinking i’ve just hit the “ride“ button ( which is located in the same position on the screen) and gone straight into the game, not the course/ workout selection.