Zwift always starts on watopia cant go to main menu

HI, Im new to zwift, but I cant get to the main menu, Im using the PC app, when I start zwift, I select my profile, and then setp up the sensors, everything ok here, after that, it just starts like a free ride, and there is no way to go to the main menu where the races are, if I click on esc, the app just close.
Is anything Im doing wrong?

Hi @dude_one and welcome to the forums!

So after the pairing screen where you set up your sensors, power source, heart rate monitor, etc. you should then be directed to the route/world screen. This screen also has the training/workout choice option, missions or challenges on the left side (currently the Tour of Watopia and the Cape Epic climbing mission), upcoming events will be on the right side.

Are you saying you don’t get this screen and it just dumps you into a ride and spawns you in Watopia, or is it the guest world of the day (London, New York, etc.)?


Good morning @dude_one

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If you double click the OK button in the paring screen you can potentially skip the world selection screen.



That is what I was thinking too, if he is getting sent right to the guest world then it might be a double click, but if Watopia then something else is going on. The guest world is always default correct?


Mike you may be on to something, or a combination of things.

Have you ever edited the .prefs file or used the hack to ride a specific world?

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thanks for the replys!!!
Im not dong double click, single click, and maybe Im confused, is not watopia, is the guest world as Mike said, I found a workaround, downloaded the zwift companion app on my cell phone, and from there I was able to join races, but I think this would not be the right way,
Other thing, If from the sensors screen, I do not wake up any sensor, the button says watch, then if I click it, I go to the main lobby,

I use the companion app to sign up for all events and races, I think it is the best option.


I don’t think this will help but I never touch the “Orange OK” button it just counts down from about 5 seconds after locating my devices.