Windows 10 no access to worlds

I’m new to Zwift and have a Windows 10 PC running the Zwift app. I can successfully pair the app with my smart trainer (a Tacx Neo 2T) but the app always jumps from the device pairing page straight to the same location in Watopia without giving me the option to select an alternative world or route. When I end the ride and go to save or bin the ride the app crashes.
I’ve paired the trainer using both Bluetooth and ANT+ but have the same problems with either one.
I’ve raised a query with Zwift support but have not received a reply.
Has anyone had similar problems or can anyone suggest a fix?

This is the start of the New User Tutorial: Video: How to Start Riding on Zwift: The First Ride - New User Tutorial - Zwift Insider

Does it crash or just close after clicking Save?

If it just closes that is how Zwift works.

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I seem to recall this happening before. Can’t remember the cure.

Are you sure you’re not double clicking ok on the pairing screen ?

I’ve done this before and even it goes to the world select page it automatically clicks ride as the button is in the same place as ok

It just closes, i.e. the app stops. My main frustration is the fact that the app doesn’t give me the option to select a world before going straight to the same place in Watopia.

No, when the app goes to the device pairing page it automatically pairs with my trainer, and then the bottom button counts down (without me pressing it) and goes straight to the same place in Watopia.

Did you read what @Paul_Allen posted above and watched that video?

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Because it’s the new user tutorial, please refer to the link

Try leaving your trainer off so it can’t pair automatically. Then click search and turn your trainer on.

Doing it that way will stop the auto countdown.

Ah, the new user tutorial. It’s all come flooding back to me now.