Route Screen Never Appears

Hey folks, just signed up today and am having a weird issue. I’m riding on a Windows 10 PC, good GPU etc, no issues. I completed the tutorial/intro ride and the short fitness test, and saved my ride. When I re-enter, I’m back in WATopia at the beginning of… the tutorial ride…

and my route screen NEVER appears. Same thing happens if i log in via iOS… unless, I skip device pairing on iOS, and then the route screen appears as if by magic.

I’ve contacted support, but no response given the increased weight of requests… has anyone had a similar issue? Is there a hotkey for the world/route selection that I just haven’t found?

Hi @NerdInResidence, Force close the app on your ios device and make sure you are logged out of all other Zwift apps and windows 10. Restart Zwift on win 10 and see if that works. You may need to ride the tutorial again if the first ride didn’t save correctly, does it show up in your activity feed?

Thanks Mike, sadly that debug didn’t work. It did register on my history, I feel like there’s some flag that didn’t get set on crash; and fear you’re right and I’m just gonna have to ride it again. Here’s hoping someone from support can assist overnight. I appreciate you responding, thank you!

I wouldn’t expect anything from support for a couple of weeks based on the grumbling posts I’ve read on here. Not actually sure how long it takes but people have been complaining about waiting.

I’ve never done the new tutorial (it’s only a new thing for new people) but I wonder if you can bypass it by joining up to an event and then starting zwift up.

I’m having the same exact issue - have tried everything. Turning off bluetooth and using ANT+ only as one thread suggested didn’t work for me. Goes straight from pairing sensors screen to watopia - no world choice screen whatsoever

So, for everyone seeing this issue, an easy solution is to complete a ride or workout, ANY ride or workout, fully, wait till you return to ‘the tour’ then save and exit. (Make sure you SAVE, don’t garbage can the ride!) When you re-load the app (why it quits on PC is beyond me…) itll detect everything, countdown from 5 on the ok button, just let it run through, and voila, the drop in screen now appears.

I think we are just seeing the new user tutorial: Thanks to another poster

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Undoubtedly, see above. My post was about how to get out of the tutorial if it didn’t seem to recognize that you’d ever completed it, it just wanted me to ride it OVER AND OVER again, and never offered me the world screen. :smiley: