Mac issues with Zwift -- takes me right to Watopia with no other options

I’m having several different issues with ZWIFT on my MAC… any help for any of the following topics would be greatly appreciated:

1.) When I open zwift on my Mac, it drops me directly into Watopia… I do not get the option to pick a world, or simply do a “RIDE”… on my iPhone, I get taken to the “home page” where those options are available to me…

2.) also, from watopia, I am able to select a workout, but when I end the ride, I get the option to save and exit or discard the ride… whichever option I select, I am immediately booted out of Zwift

3.) Every time I boot up ZWIFT on my Mac, it says “setting up zwift” … some of my buddies that use zwift don’t get that screen at all

4.) I am unable to pair my phone using the Zwift Companion app… It just doesn’t work for me. Possibly my VPN? But it won’t work with my regular ISP router either…

Did you ever do the world hack? If so, you might want to undo it. If not or you don’t know what I’m talking about, then onwards.

Is Zwift updated? What version of Zwift is showing? Also, what version of OS X is your Macbook running?

To pair the Companion app, your phone needs to be on the same WiFi network as your Macbook.

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