Zwift on Mac wont boot up, wont save ride on any platform

After a ride on Watopia where everyone suddenly disappeared my zwift game became stuck in limbo. Then I managed to reboot and restart (mac) but it wouldn’t launch the menu past the go-ride screen.

I shut down, deleted the zwift app and boom - out the woods, joined the race, no worries. End of the race comes along and the spinning wheel comes in and doesn’t show me the resuts (they did however make it to Zpower) & didnt make it to onto the companion feed.

Since then I spoke to a WTRL advisor who said the race data is mangled and zwift seems to be running in 2 places under my name. Currently I can’t save any ride, I cant even power/boot zwift up on the mac desktop or save on across any platform. I have cleared all Cache files and cookies, redownloaded, sent log files etc… raised tickets - any ideas why this seems to be happening?


Is Zwift installed on another device? If so, was Zwift complete closed out as in force quit?

On your MacBook, did you delete the Zwift folder in the Documents folder after you deleted Zwift? If not, delete the folder and try again.