Unable to choose a ride location

I had been trying Zwift on my partners login and must admit im hooked.

To confirm the current situation, i am sharing turbo trainers with my partner and swapping bikes and cassettes till mine arrives, currently using:

Windows version 10
Software version 1.0.50
Garmin Dual HRM

Downloaded the software, paired the trainer and decided to start my 7 day trial; when I log in, it took me to the pairing screen where the trainer and HRM were found and paired. At this point an automatic countdown clock started and took me straight into a ride of Watopia without making any choices instead of the world selection screen.

I carried out a Google search and this has happened before and was quoted in Reddit. The only offer of help iwas the OP must be pressing OK twice within the pairing screen.

I can confirm that I do not at any point touch the OK button, once the trainer and HRM have paired, the automatic countdown clock starts and takes me into Watopia without any choice.

We initially thought we found a workaround by unpairing and selecting skip where we do then go into the world selection screen and i am able to choose any ride. Once i go into that world and route, i then go into the pair screen, this immediatly reverts straight into watopia once paired.

We have threid this on both mine and my partners computers and the same thing happens on my log in only. If we login with my partners details on either computer, his loads in with no issues so i am assuming this is a problem with my profile in some way.

We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail.

If anyone needs any further information so they are able to assist, just ask.

I have submitted a ticket but in case anyone can help before i get a reply then i have also posted here.

Heres hoping someone can help.

Many thanks and ride on


Hi @Emma_Edwards, welcome to the forum! You are experiencing the first ride tutorial, you need to complete this ride around Watopia first and you will start to see prompts that explain, sort of, how things work. GP Lama did a video on it recently.


Hi @Mike_Rowe_PBR, many thanks for the info, other half wasnt aware of this but we both are now.

Many thanks