New User - Cant get Zwift Menu to show - wasting free trial!

Hi all,

Ive been very excitedly setting up my newly acquired bike trainer over the weekend, finally got it ready to dive into Zwift but its not working as expected.

  • I’ve set up the bike correctly on the machine
  • Downloaded Zwift onto my MacBook
  • Opened up Zwift, set up a user and managed to bluetooth connect the device
  • However when I log in, it finds my device, automatically counts down from 5 (I don’t press OK) and all I see is this:

You’ll note there is no data or info around the edges of the screen, no option for me to to go to the main menu. If I click Menu all I see is this and if I select End Ride to closes the application.

Can anyone advise what is going wrong? Why isn’t it taking me to the beginning menu instead of dumping me in Watopia with zero instructions? I want to do set routes on Watpoia or the guest location before advancing on - I don’t just want to aimlessly cycle without control of the route Im doing.

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you start riding you with populate the screen with data and explain to you what are. It’s a short kind of tutorial to learn a little bit about the Zwift screen.

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This is what is meant to happen on the first ride


I’d suggest a reinstall if nothing works as expected.

Thanks guys, that was correct and helpful.

I guess one thing I’d suggest to Zwift mods is to flash up some message or instruction to explain this is the case. For someone new like me, I’m not sat on my bike whilst im logging in for the first time (can’t balance my laptop on my handle bars!), so I didn’t know that I was meant to start riding - for all I knew it was a loading screen. Will help newbies like me.

The training ride itself was fun but maybe should explain more how to use the companion app as we can’t interact with the computer unit whilst riding.

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