New user cannot access routes etc

Hello , this is my first post
I installed Zwift and signed up for a subscription today. The problem I have is when Zwiift opens I dont get the screen with the calendar and the choice of routes/events. Instead it goes straight into Ride California challenge and my only other option is Climb MT. Everest challenge, why is this?
Many thanks

Hi @Richard_Lewis5, welcome to the Zwift forums. Have you completed the initial ride that starts you out with a clean HUD (no riders list, power, distance, etc.)? As you ride for the first time things start to appear and the text on the screen explains how it all works.


Thank you Mke, no I havent. I saw that it was a challenge which was something like 800 miles so I switched it off! I really hope I dont have to ride that far before I can access the full features of Zwift otherwiset he subscription will be cancelled and the trainer is going straight back!

:rofl: no, you dont need to do that! The challenges are always accumulating your miles or vertical gain in the background. Most people start with the Everest challenge, just “set it and forget it”.

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