Where are the challenges buried?

I recently resumed my zwift membership to find that the interface has been completely redone. This is fine, but where have the challenges gone? I want to check the status of my Everest challenge but can’t find it anywhere in the app or companion.
Thanks for the help!

Same place they always have been. Pause menu in a ride.

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Hi @Kris_Pierson, during a ride hit the menu button and you will see them where they always were, same spot.

Oh, right. Thanks for the reminder, forgot they were there. Too bad they didn’t move them to the main menu where they are more accessible. Seems like the logical place for them so I guess that’s where I looked first. Maybe next update!


Not logical if you’re smart and do the climbing challenge on the way UP the Alpe du Swift and then switch to one of the distance challenges on the way DOWN. :sunglasses:

Can you actually do that … change mid ride? Great idea.

Yep. I suspect that’s why it’s in the in-ride menu.

Of course, you run the risk of arriving atop AduZ, opening the menu to flip to a mileage challenge, and finding you’ve been doing a mileage challenge for the last 1000 metres of climbing because you forgot to switch it back at the end of your last ride. Heartbreaking. :rofl:


I feel the pain already :sob:

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LOL! I mean, “oh gee, that’d be a shame.”

I selected Everest and did “nothing but climbing routes” for most of a season, until I got the Z1. Ngl: Zwift was starting to feel like an abusive relationship by the end of that because I hate climbing.

It was a relief to unlock the Z1 (March 1st, in Titan’s Grove after an Epic KOM + Radio Tower ride - I remember it like it was yesterday) and move on to other challenges.

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9th February to 21st June. :laughing:

Noticed I was nearly there at the end of an already big day…

I’m slowly recovering from surgery and after a few Zone 1 and 2 rides and then a few short races (that I really enjoyed), I decided it was time to focus on climbing ADZ to get my Z1! Two climbs in 2 days and I’m rethinking my decision! Do I really need the Z1 :thinking:

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