Can no longer find challenges on Zwift

Hey Zwift Forum Folks.
I can no longer find a place to join and participate in challenges. They used to be there but no longer.
I’ve gone into the Menu, the settings, the Ride selection screen and they no longer exist.

On a related note, I guess I had registered for Tour de Zwift (as it shows in the upper right of my ride selection screen). However, I don’t seem to be able to join (or get notifications)

For the fun of it it would be nice to participate in these things during Winter training.

Please assist.

Thank You.

Do you mean challenges as in Tour Italy, Everest etc…?

If so they are on the menu page above the buttons for settings, garage etc…

You have to join events using the companion app or their main tdz web page.

Thanks Mike.
I found the Tour de Zwift on companion. However, all the times are late at night my time (i.e. 11 pm, Midnight). Can I participate at a different time or is it “live” only.

Also, not sure how to join the TDZ webpage and then see it via Zwift computer app. Any tips? (I can’t see anything on the small phone screen in which I have companion app)

Unfortunately not for me Stuart. (Thanks for the response).

All I see is Workouts, Badges, Pair, Garage, Settings. No Challenges.

There are TDZ events nearly every hour of the day. You might want to scroll through the list again.

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If you click on the image next to achievements, that’s where the challenge detail is.
In this image it’s the Everest challange.

OK, Nigel. thanks

Holy Cow. I never would have found this Stuart…thanks.

Would have thought that challenges were not so hidden in plain sight.

At least my climbing will count toward something, lol

It will if you’ve also selected the Everest Challenge. Hopefully you’ll go beyond Everest on onwards towards the Tron Bike.

There are 3 challenges in total. One day there may be more…